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Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Infobase

Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Infobase. Our current simm year: 2388

Here at Bravo Fleet, we believe in giving our simmers a good base of information on which to start off on. The Bravo Fleet Infobase is the place where we manage a dynamic database that also allows any Bravo Fleet member to contribute to it at anytime, as long as they follow the policies for editing pages on the InfoBase. If you'd like to contribute some information, a good way to get started is to take a look at our stub pages and any listing marked by our maintenance templates as incomplete or pages that need help.

The users have all been doing a superlative job at keeping the information current and relevant, and all should be proud about keeping this place active, and pushing us up to the status of one of the most commonly-used pieces of Bravo Fleet. Keep up the good work. If you'd like to help, please feel free to register and start creating!

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Our Current Featured Article

April 2014 – Logan Atticus

Logan Atticus currently serves as the Task Force Commanding Officer in Task Force 93.

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Members of the day-to-day management staff include:

If you need help, feel free to contact anyone on the list. We are here to serve Bravo Fleet's membership! We are always looking for experienced Wiki users to add to the staff. If you think that's you, drop the team lead an email with a list of articles you've worked on.

Recruiter Simm of the Month

April 2014 – USS Scorpio


Users have contributed 1,468 articles to the Wiki

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What is the Wiki for?

  • This Wiki has taken upon the ambitious task of becoming a repository for any and all knowledge related to Bravo Fleet. The Wiki sets out to become an information tool that will improve the experience of Bravo Fleet players and increase our ever growing Canon of material.
  • Registered users will have access to add and edit content with Senior Staff members serving as subject matter experts and final approving authorities on entries that pertain to their realm of control within the fleet. All users will be held accountable to the JAG as they would be in any other area.
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  • If you would like to use templates on your pages, please utilize one of the templates found on this page. These are all the publicly available templates. If you create a new template, and wish to have it publicly available, add [[Category:Template]] to the top of the page
  • We are not image hosts. If you offsite link images, we will delete the files. This is your only warning.